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Handoffs pass control over a conversation from Thankful to your agents.

Once a conversation is handed off, Thankful will not reply to that customer in the ticket. Thankful will only engage with that customer if the customer creates a new ticket.

Reasons for Handoffs

Thankful hands off to agents when any of the following happens:

The specific reason for any handoff can be found in the ticket itself. For instance:

Handoff Explanation in Ticket

In the above example, you can see that Thankful could not find the required answer in the user’s response.

What Handoffs look like to agents

When a handoff occurs, Thankful includes an internal note summarizing the conversation directly in your helpdesk:

Handoff Internal Note Example

It includes what the customer was trying to do and what information it collected, so the agent can pick up right where Thankful left off.