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To help you integrate Zendesk Chat with Thankful, we’ve written step-by-step instructions. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions below.

Note: An Enterprise Zendesk Chat account is required to integrate with Thankful.

There are three key parts to the setup: 1) provisioning a seat for Thankful in Zendesk Chat, 3) Setting up departments within Zendesk Chat and 2) integrating Zendesk Chat into the Thankful dashboard.

Part 1: Provisioning a Seat for Thankful

You’ll need to provision a seat for Thankful. Thankful will use this seat to reply to your customers, just like an agent.

Part 2: Setting up departments within Zendesk Chat

Thankful relies on a tiered grouping system to handle incoming chats. The Thankful agent must exist within its own department (i.e Thankful is the only agent within that group), and there must be a dedicated department for receiving chats that Thankful cannot handle. We’ll refer to this going forward as the “transfer department.”

  1. Set up a new department for Thankful. This can be named anything.

  2. Identify the department to which chat messages should be routed by Thankful if Thankful determines it cannot handle the inquiry. Take note of the department name - it will be needed later in this process.

  3. Route all chat traffic intended to be handled by Thankful to this group. This can be done under Settings -> Triggers -> Add Trigger. Set up whatever conditions are appropriate to achieve the desired routing. Make sure “Enable Trigger” is unchecked for not until everything else is set up.

Part 2: Integrating into the Dashboard

  1. Go to Integrations and click “+ Add Helpdesk Integrations,” select “Zendesk Chat” from the drop-down, and click “Add Integration.”

  2. Add your subdomain to the corresponding texbox. Your subdomain is the portion of your Zendesk URL before “.zendesk.” For example, if your Zendesk account URL is, “company” would be your subdomain.

  3. Enter the transfer department into the corresponding box.

  4. Click “Notification Endpoints” and “+ New Notification Endpoint,” naming this “Zendesk Chat.”

  5. After adding all of the above, click “Save.”

  6. You will be routed to your Zendesk account to authenticate Live Chat by Thankful. After you’ve done so, you should be returned automatically to the Thankful Dashboard.

  7. Once you’ve completed all of the above, you’ve integrated Zendesk Chat.

  8. Remember to enable the trigger within Zendesk Chat once you’re ready to go live.

Supported Features

The following features with checks are supported in this helpdesk.

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