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Magento v1

Thankful integrates with Magento v1 in 15 minutes. To integrate Thankful into your Magento store, perform the following:

  1. Go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC Roles. Enter the role name “Thankful” and your current admin password. Click “Role Resources” in the sidebar, and change “Resource Access” to “All” in the dropdown field. Click “Save Role”. Screenshot of updating resource access to all

  2. Go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML-RPC Users. Create a new Thankful user with the following information:

    • User name: thankful
    • First name: Thankful
    • Last name: AI
    • Email:
    • Current admin password:
    • New API key: <generate a long and unguessable key (48+ characters)>. Be sure to save your API key, as you’ll need that in a moment.
  3. Now click “User Role” in the sidebar, find the Thankful role you created earlier, and select the corresponding radio button and click “Save User” at the top right. Screenshot of the New User form

  4. Under System > Configuration, go to Magento Core API in the sidebar. Update “WS-I Compliance” to “Yes”. Screenshot showing WS-I Compliance set to Yes

  5. Inside the Thankful dashboard’s integrations page click the “+ Add Ecommerce Integration” link and select Magento v1.9 from the dropdown. Click the “Add Integration” button.

  6. Fill out the API key with the value you generated earlier. Your domain is the store URL, e.g. The username is the User you created earlier (should be thankful). Click Save.

  7. On the same integrations page, find your helpdesk. Click on Notification Endpoints, select Magento v1.9 from the Ecommerce dropdown, and click Save.

That’s it! You just integrated Thankful with Magento.