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API Overview

In addition to the dashboard, thankful offers an API you can use to integrate with your own software.

Getting started

To get started with the API, you will need to generate an API Key. Head over to the API Key page page:

Api key page

Click on the Generate key button to create a new API key. Please copy the generated text and save it somewhere secure. This key will be used to authenticate every API request. Once the popup is dismissed, the key will not be shown again, so make sure to make a copy:

Generate api


In order to authenticate with our API you need to supply your API Key in the required custom header X-API-Key in the following format. Optionally, you can add a request ID to your call, using an optional custom header X-Request-ID.


Request Header
	X-API-Key: xxxxx
	X-Request-ID: abc123


The API is offset paginated which is controlled by the query parameter offset on all queries that return arrays for their data. Our default limit is 25 results, the maximum limit for a single query is 100 results.


We allow for sorting by particular fields for endpoints that return arrays using the query parameter by. These fields are endpoint specific and are specified in the section covering that endpoint. We also will return results in descending order if the parameter desc is set to true.


Object Types

Object Versions


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