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Thankful Chat is an embeddable chat widget that works directly on your own website with support for all, modern desktop and mobile browsers (Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Chrome).

Chat Widget

Thankful engages in a back-and-forth conversation with the user in the chat widget, but if the user wants to speak to an agent, they can at any time directly in the chat widget.

The chat widget even supports seamless handoffs to agents and shows the user their place in the queue.

Queue Transfer Example

Your support agent experience stays the same – they communicate with customers directly in your existing helpdesk as they always have, and Thankful will automatically route those messages to the end-user in the browser.

Thankful’s flows will automatically transform to button-based flows when appropriate for this channel, or you can build entirely new flows specific to chat.

The widget is fully customizable. When you integrate you’ll have control over its appearance, whether it displays during specific hours, and more.

It’s backed by an open API, which enables you to build your own chat widget or integrate Thankful chat into a native iOS or Android application.

For assistance in building chat flows and embedding chat onto your website, please contact your account representative or support.

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