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When Thankful knows it understands an inbound request, it will initiate an action, such as Track Order, or Cancel Subscription. Each action has a flow which is a process map Thankful will follow, exactly like your human agents.

Thankful customizes its flows and responses based on the nuance of the customer’s message, the customer’s data in your back-office systems, previous service interactions, and your desired process. There is no limit to the complexity of the process, and Thankful can be customized to handle even the most difficult cases involving dozens of decision points and multiple sources of truth.

Flows engage the user in a back-and-forth dialog using your brand’s pre-approved message content, processes, and policies.

Designed and maintained by our expert deployment team, Thankful will partner with you to deliver spectacular customer service experiences exactly like your human agents, or better, for the most repetitive tasks they perform each day.

For more details on how flows work and tips in building them, see the Flow Overview.


Thankful works in any text-based channel, including email, SMS, web-based and in-app chat, and social. Most of our work is in email, and Thankful handles that difficult and unique channel extremely well.

Thankful also offers a chat widget which supports button-based workflows for users to self-solve most common problems directly on your website.


Not every workflow can be handled with pure text. A complex partial return involving returning multiple quantities of similar items, for instance, would require user confirmation.

In these cases, Thankful generates custom forms specific to a user or order and ties those into the conversation.

Thankful provides the user a link unique to their custom-generated form, and since we’ve already authenticated the user at this point, the user doesn’t need to re-log in – their order is presented in front of them. They can select the items to return, the quantities, the reasons for return, etc. and see an estimation of how much they’ll be refunded. As soon as the form is submitted, Thankful processes the return on behalf of the user and continues the flow, thanking the user for submitting the form and setting expectations on when the refund will be received.

Common forms: Return, Exchange, Replacement Item, Damaged Shipments, Change Shipping Address.

Anything can be customized, or entirely new forms built with full control over the HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Handoffs pass control over a conversation from Thankful to your agents.

Once a conversation is handed off, Thankful will not reply to that customer in the ticket. Thankful will only engage with that customer if the customer creates a new ticket.

Reasons for Handoffs

Thankful hands off to agents when any of the following happens:

The specific reason for any handoff can be found in the ticket itself. For instance:

Handoff Explanation in Ticket

In the above example, you can see that Thankful could not find the required answer in the user’s response.

What Handoffs look like to agents

When a handoff occurs, Thankful includes an internal note summarizing the conversation directly in your helpdesk:

Handoff Internal Note Example

It includes what the customer was trying to do and what information it collected, so the agent can pick up right where Thankful left off.

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