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Flow Overview

Flows enable you string together instructions for Thankful to perform in a visual, intuitive way without requiring any programming. You’ll have direct control over Thankful’s behavior and can customize to perform any desired action.

Core Concepts

Building flows involves several concepts:

For example: When looking up an order, the order data would be stored in a memory. When the order was placed may determine which actions Thankful should take, such as whether the order is even still eligible for cancelation.

Triggering Flows to Run

You’ll be able to trigger flows to run when tickets are received in a helpdesk, on a timer using automations, or when the Thankful Chat widget is first opened.

Helpdesk Tickets

Thankful integrates directly into your helpdesk to resolve a high volume of customer service tickets. Thankful sees all tickets arrive, and understands the tickets with which it can help and which tickets it should leave for agents.

Thankful decides whether to engage using deep learning models built for you by our in-house training team. With more than four years of experience and millions of processed tickets, we have mastered the art of helping machines understand human language; we wildly exceed the capabilities and accuracy of our competitors.

If Thankful understands a ticket and has been instructed to handle that ticket type, Thankful will work through a Flow, implementing your company branding, policies, and process exactly as a human agent.


Automations trigger flows to run every 5 minutes. They’re frequently used for monitoring spikes and dips in behavior such as handoffs or received tickets and sending notifications, but they can be used for any purpose which needs to happen on a repeating interval.

If you’d like assistance setting this up, please contact your account representative.

Thankful Chat

When an end-user opens the Thankful Chat widget, Thankful initiates a flow of your choice to deliver an initial message, such as “How may I help you?” and directs the user through a guided process of self-help.

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