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Integrate Overview

Thankful integrates into the same tools your agents use to deliver a world-class customer service experience.

We start by integrating Thankful into your helpdesk. Thankful will watch all tickets come in and determine which it understands using deep-learning AI models.

When Thankful sees a ticket type it has been instructed to handle, it will perform a Flow, which mirrors a human process your agents follow. These processes vary from company-to-company, especially across industries. With just an integration into a helpdesk, Thankful can run analysis on tickets, tag, route and respond to customers.

Need to support multiple brands and regions?

Thankful can be configured to support these advanced use-cases and give you a single, global management tool and view into your analytics. The same workflows can be re-used across brands and regions when appropriate, or customized individually as needed.

To support multiple brands, you’ll create new Notification Endpoints. Each notification endpoint can be connected to different backend integrations. For instance, you might have different Shopify instances for US, UK, and EU.

You can also filter in analytics through Notification Endpoints and customize language used on a per-step basis for different Notification Endpoints. If entirely different Flow logic is required, you can use Enforce Rule steps to access the brand memory, which will be set to the name of the Notification Endpoint you’ve set on the integrations page.

In nearly all cases, Flows very often need to integrate into back-office systems to look up customer data and make changes to make a large impact on inbound customer service tickets.

Using ecommerce as an example industry, a company might have a Return Order Flow which would involve looking up an order, determining if the order is eligible for return, and processing the return and issuing a refund if appropriate according to the company’s policies.

We’ve pre-built dozens of integrations into common tools that work out-of-the-box with Thankful, and we build new integrations all the time. You can find a list of pre-built integrations in the left sidebar.

Thankful also works with custom integrations and integrates easily into completely bespoke systems. If you need a custom integration built or need assistance integrating a service, please contact us at

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