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To help you integrate Freshdesk with Thankful, we’ve written step-by-step instructions. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions below.

Note: Due to limitations placed by Freshdesk, you must have a Blossom, Garden, Estate, or Forest Freshdesk account to perform this integration.

There are two key parts to the setup: 1) provisioning a seat for Thankful in your helpdesk, and 2) integrating your helpdesk into the Thankful dashboard.

Part 1: Provisioning a Seat for Thankful

You’ll need to provision a seat for Thankful. Thankful will use this seat to reply to your customers, just like an agent.

If you need to change Thankful’s role to supervisor after provisioning, perform the following steps in your Freshdesk dashboard:

  1. Go to Admin>Agents Screenshot showing the Agents link in the Freshdesk dashboard

  2. Click the “Edit” button for the agent

  3. In the Roles and Scope section, find Agent Role and click on “Associate Roles” Screenshot showing the Associate Roles button

  4. When the pop-up box “Roles” opens, select “Administrator” and click assign

  5. Click on Save on the Edit Agent page

Part 2: Integrating into the Dashboard

  1. Go to Integrations and click “+ Add Helpdesk Integrations,” select “Freshdesk” from the drop-down, and click “Add Integration.”

  2. Click “Notification Endpoints” and “+ New Notification Endpoint,” naming this “Freshdesk” if you have only one brand and region, but if you want to support multiple ecommerce backends or customize responses based on the brand, create one endpoint per region or brand. Click “Save” and take note of the generated URLs, which we’ll need soon.

  3. In your Freshdesk dashboard, navigate to the Admin tab in the top navigation bar. Click Automations, and under the Ticket Creation tab, click New Rule. Name your rule something identifiable, such as “Notify Thankful.” Under “On tickets with these properties” set to Match ANY and add the three rules Tickets -> if Created -> During -> Business Hours, click “Add new condition” then add the rules Tickets -> if Created -> During -> Non-Business Hours, add one more condition with rules Tickets -> if Created -> During -> Holidays. This will notify Thankful whenever a new ticket is created so that Thankful can pick them up.

  4. Below that you’ll see the “Perform these actions” section. Select a Trigger Webhook as a POST request, then copy and paste the Request URL Thankful generated for you earlier into the Callback URL field. Then select JSON and Simple and check the boxes for Ticket ID and Last Public Comment. Save the rule.

  5. Under the “Ticket Updates” tab. Click “New Rule” and after naming it, under “When an action performed by…”, select “Agent or requester”. under “Involves any of these events”, select “Reply is sent”. Skip ticket properties, but repeat the same process as above for triggering a webhook.

  6. Then in the Actions section, just as before you’ll select Trigger Webhook, POST, and copy and paste the Request URL Thankful generated for you earlier into the Callback URL field. Then select JSON and Simple and check the boxes for Ticket ID and Description. Note that we need the description, rather than the last public comment for this trigger. Now save the rule.

  7. Now that Thankful is receiving notifications via webhooks from Freshdesk, we’ll need to give Thankful API access to reply to those notifications, responding to customers. On the top right, click your profile icon and navigate to Profile settings.

  8. Once there, copy your API key and paste it into the API Key field in Thankful’s integration page under Freshdesk. Also take note of your Freshdesk domain, and copy that into Thankful’s Domain field in your Freshdesk integration. Your domain can be found in the URL you use to access your Freshdesk dashboard. For instance, if I visit my Freshdesk dashboard at, then my domain is abotlabs.

After inserting your Freshdesk API key and domain, click “Save” in Thankful under the Freshdesk integration. Congratulations, you’ve integrated Freshdesk!

Supported Features

The following features with checks are supported in this helpdesk.

Emoji -
Inline Images
Read Attachments
Merge -
Create Tickets -
Tags Value-based
Chat Buttons -
Channels Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter
Ask Support