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Shopify & Shopify Plus

You can integrate Thankful into Shopify or Shopify Plus in minutes using Shopify’s Admin API.


App Store

Installing from the Shopify app store is seamless. Add the Thankful app to your store and click install*. You will then be prompted to confirm permissions after which, you will be fully integrated with Thankful!

*Make sure to have your login info at hand. You need to be logged into Thankful in order to complete the install.


First, go to Integrations and click “+ Add Ecommerce Integration”.

Select “Shopify” from the dropdown.

Selecting Shopify from the dropdown

Fill in your Shopify subdomain. For instance, if your store is at then your subdomain is my-store.

Click “Save” and you’ll be redirected to Shopify to log into your account and authorize Thankful. Authorize the Thankful app, and you’ll be redirected back to Thankful.

That’s it! You’ve integrated Thankful with your Shopify instance.


Order Number Prefixes

Some Shopify stores prefix order numbers. For instance, if you sell in the UK, your order numbers might look like #UK1500 with a UK prefix. If you have an order number prefix, click “Customization” in the integration’s left sidebar and enter the prefix there. This ensures that even when customers say “my order number is 1500” that we can find the correct “UK1500” order in Shopify.


You can leverage your Shopify integration within flows. To see the steps available visit our flow overview and look under Ecom Steps in the sidebar.

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