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Thankful easily integrates with Recharge in minutes.

  1. In your Shopify admin dashboard, click on “Apps” on the left sidebar, then click on “Integrations,” then find and click on your Recharge integration.

  2. On the page that loads, click the “API tokens…” link on the right-hand side. Screenshot showing the API tokens link in Recharge

  3. Now click “Create an Admin API Token” and set the name as “Thankful”. Permissions needed are: Customer (Read/Write), Discount (Read/Write), Subscription (Read/Write), Order (Read/Write). Copy the resulting token – you’ll need it in a moment. Screenshot showing Creating an API token in Recharge

  4. In the Thankful dashboard integration page, click the “+ Add Subscription Integration” link, select “Recharge” from the dropdown menu, and click the “Add Integration” button.

  5. Paste your API key into the appropriate field and click “Save.”

  6. As a final step on the integrations page in Thankful, scroll until you find your helpdesk, click on Notification Endpoints and select Recharge from the Subscription dropdown.

That’s it! You’ve integrated Thankful with your Recharge instance.

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