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Integrating ShipStation

It’s easy to integrate Thankful with ShipStation to manage fulfillment and answer shipping questions.

NOTE: Most customers use their ecommerce platform to manage shipping and order fulfillment, and if so, you’ll only need to integrate the ecommerce platform to track orders. If you handle shipping and fulfillment using a separate tool like ShipStation in addition to your ecommerce platform, you’ll need to add those integrations.

Log into your ShipStation dashboard.

In the sidebar, click on Account -> API Settings.

Copy down your API key and API secret. We’ll need this later.

Log into the Thankful dashboard and go to the integrations page.

Click the “+ Add Shipping Integration” link.

Select “ShipStation” from the dropdown and click the “Add Integration” button.

Fill in your ShipStation API Key and API Secret from earlier.

Click “Save”, and that’s it! You just integrated ShipStation.

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