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Woo Commerce

Thankful easily integrates with Woo Commerce in 15 minutes.

  1. First you’ll need to enable the Legacy API. Under Woo Commerce>Settings, click the Advanced tab, then Legacy API. Enable the checkbox and click “Save changes”. Screenshot showing how to enable the Legacy API

  2. Under the Advanced tab you’ll find “Rest API”. Enter a description, select any admin as a user (your own account is fine), and add Read/Write permissions. Copy the resulting Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. You’ll need them in a moment. Screenshot showing how to generate an API key

  3. In the Thankful dashboard’s integrations page click “+ Add Ecommerce Integration”. Select Woo Commerce from the dropdown and click the “Add Integration” button.

  4. Paste your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into the appropriate fields. Your domain is the location of your online store, e.g. Click “Save” when done.

Note: Thankful requires that your store is accessed via HTTPS. It will not work over plain HTTP. This means your domain must start with “https”, not “http”.

  1. As a final step, find your helpdesk on the integrations page, go to Notification Endpoints, select Woo Commerce from the dropdown and click “Save”.

That’s it! You just integrated your Woo Commerce store with Thankful.

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