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Thankful integrates with any Magento v2 instance in minutes. To integrate Thankful with your online store, perform the following:

  1. Go to System > Integrations. Click the orange “Add New Integrations” button at the top right.

  2. Set the name to Thankful, and enter your current password. The remaining fields may be left blank. Filling out the integration settings

  3. Click “API” on the left side and change the Resource Access dropdown to “All.” Click “Save.” Setting resource access to all

  4. On the integrations page, click “Activate”, then click the Authorize button on the prompt. The authorize link

  5. Copy the Access Token (and just the access token). You’ll need it later. The rest of the keys are not used. Show access token

  6. In the Thankful dashboard integrations page, click the “+ Add Ecommerce Integration” link. Select “Magento v2” from the dropdown and click the “Add Integration” button.

  7. Paste the Access Token into the API Key field and fill in the domain with your store’s URL, e.g. Click “Save”.

  8. On the integrations page, scroll until you find your helpdesk. Click “Notification Endpoints” and select “Magento v2” from the Ecommerce dropdown. Click “Save”.

That’s it! You just integrated Thankful with your Magento store.

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