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Spree Commerce

Thankful easily integrates with Spree Commerce.

  1. In your Spree admin dashboard, click the New User button on the Users page. Spree dashboard screenshot showing the New User button

  2. Create a new admin with the email and a secure password. Be sure to select the admin checkbox. Spree dashboard screenshot showing creating an admin account for

  3. Now click “Generate API Key.” Copy the API key – you’ll need it in a moment. Spree dashboard screenshot showing the API key for users

  4. Inside Thankful’s dashboard, go to integrations. Click “+ Add Ecommerce Integration”, select Spree from the dropdown menu, and click the “Add Integration” button.

  5. Paste the Spree API key you generated earlier into the API field, and specify your Spree URL. This is the URL of your Spree store.

  6. As a last step, be sure to connect any existing helpdesk to the eCommerce platform. For each helpdesk on the integrations page, click the “Notification Endpoints” section and select Spree from the dropdown menu in the Ecommerce column.

That’s it! You’ve integrated Spree with Thankful.

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