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Make an arbitrary webhook to an endpoint of your choosing. You can select the HTTP Method (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE), set the URL, configure the headers and request body. The response will be stored in the provided memory.

On success, the response body will be set to the provided memory.

If the webhook is not marked as Required, then on any failure, the following data structure will be available in the memory:

{StatusCode: int, Body: string}

This allows you to change behavior depending on the status code, e.g. the behavior might differ for a 404 on an order lookup as compared to a 500 internal server error.

If the webhook is marked as required, then it will handoff if any non-2xx status code is returned, such as 401 or 500. The data saved to memory will be a string containing the response body.

For Basic and Bearer auth, you can provide the auth token directly in the HTTP headers.

The request body and headers support memory substitution in the typical form double-handlebar form of {{contentType}}.

For OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.0 services which require dynamically updating Auth tokens, please contact Thankful to arrange this setup.

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