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Resolve Overview

Thankful integrates directly into your helpdesk to resolve a high volume of customer service tickets. Thankful sees all tickets arrive, and understands the tickets with which it can help and which tickets it should leave for agents.

Thankful decides whether to engage using deep learning models built for you by our in-house training team. With more than four years of experience and millions of processed tickets, we have mastered the art of helping machines understand human language; we wildly exceed the capabilities and accuracy of our competitors.

If Thankful understands a ticket and has been instructed to handle that ticket type, Thankful will work through a Flow, implementing your company branding, policies, and process exactly as a human agent.

Thankful works across every text-based channel and responds appropriately to emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, chat and more.

Unlike many Q&A chatbots, Thankful integrates into your back-office systems through APIs to fully automate any process. We have dozens of pre-built integrations that can be used in minutes, and we build new integrations as needed. If you have custom systems, we can integrate for you or provide instructions on how to integrate and the data and endpoints we’ll need exposed to Thankful.

In cases where language alone isn’t sufficient to fully automate a process, such as in complex returns or exchanges, Thankful offers completely customizable forms. These forms enable Thankful to handle even the most difficult customer service interactions.

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