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Events you track may spike or dip over time in significant ways, and you’ll often want to know about sudden changes.

Thankful includes a notification system which can monitor events over time and alert you across various channels when they have statistically significant changes.

First, create a custom action. This will define rules which track spikes and dips for the events you want to monitor. Add a notification step to it gated by SPIKE and DIP rules.

This action will frequently run in the background to check significant spikes and dips, so to prevent being spammed with notifications, set a policy on the Notification Step to notify a max number of times per time period; once per day is often a good default.

This is completely customizable to your own business and events you want to track.

Next, we’ll want to run this action automatically over time. This can be achieved with an Automation. Create an Automation and have it run the action you built.

Each person on the team will receive notifications. You can customize how you’d like to be notified in settings. If you’d like to be emailed or send notifications to a Slack channel, you can do so by going to Settings->Notifications. Here you can customize your own, personal notification settings independently from the rest of the team.

At minimum, everyone is notified in the dashboard using the bell icon at the top right.

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