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Data Retention

Wherever possible, we limit the collection of data to the absolute minimum necessary. When data collection is necessary, we retain the data for the shortest time necessary.

As part of what Thankful does, we collect customer communications to:

Data collected principally includes the content of user messages, unique user identifiers, and key data extracted from conversations such as order numbers or emails as well as information collected from your back-office systems during a flow, such as order details, which Thankful calls “memories.”

Upon completion of any conversation, Thankful deletes any memories collected from conversations. CRM objects may be retained beyond the life of a conversation at the businesses’ request so a customer does not need to answer the same questions in each interaction. Retention policies can be set individually for each CRM object type according to your businesses’ preference.

Tickets including message data found in the dashboard are wiped from Thankful’s database after 90 days. Historical analytics data is retained for 13 months.

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