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Trial FAQs

What is Listening Mode Ticket Reivew?

Listening Mode Ticket Review is one half of the of the research performed to generate the Impact Analysis. Thankful is integrated with a customer help desk solution to measure the ability of the AI to understand and classify your incoming helpdesk tickets. Thankful does not reply, tag, or otherwise engage with tickets or customers in any way during Listening Mode.

How does Thankful integrate with my help desk for Listening Mode?

Thankful integrates with nearly all help desks in less than fifteen minutes, allowing for an easy start to Listening Mode. To achieve helpdesk integration we recommend a combination of API access and a custom user login to your helpdesk. Please see the following links to learn more about your specific help desk: Zendesk, Kustomer, Intercom, Freshdesk, Helpscout, Salesforce, and Gladly, or let us know if you leverage a different ticketing system.

What is the Response Review?

Thankful’s Response Review makes up one half of the reseach performed to generate the Impact Analysis. The Response Review is a collaborative effort between Thankful and the customer to review the steps taken for different customer requests, confirming that Thankful can provide the customer an excellent experience matching your company’s policies.

What is an Impact Analysis?

An Impact Analysis is the report generated from Listening Mode Ticket Review and Response Review showing the potential benefits Thankful could provide if deployed at a company. For example, how many actions it could perform and how many tickets it could resolve.

What is a Live Trial?

A Live Trial follows the Impact Analysis, and has Thankful engaging and resolving issues for your customers. Live Trials typically (though not necessarily) include an integration with your ecommerce application.

How does Thankful integrate with my ecommerce solution?

For Live Trials and Live Use, Thankful typically integrates with ecommerce tools such as Magento v2, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Spree, Solidus, and others, in under fifteen minutes each. Thankful also integrates with custom ecommerce solutions, partnering with your engineering team to expose common APIs, often needing less than a week to achieve the integration. Don’t let the integration scare you; it is easier than you think.

What information does Thankful collect during a trial, and how do I know it is secure?

During Listening Mode, Thankful collects only the information that is directly written in to help desk tickets themselves, and only from the end user, not your staff’s responses. In a Live Trial (and then in Live Use, as well) Thankful receives additional information: user email, user name, and often destination country for a delivery and retains this additional information for approximately 2 weeks to fully process the ticket and allow for additional human review if required. Please see Thankful’s Security Summary, Data Retention Policy Summary and List of Third Party Data Processes for PII for more information.

What do I need to do during a trial?

Thankful does nearly all the work to perform the Listening Mode Ticket Review. For the Ticket Review, Live Trial and Live Use, it is a partnership effort between Thankful and your company as we match Thankful’s responses and resolutions to your policies, processes, and products and provide your customers with an excellent experience. We look forward to working with you on it.

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